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Updated Oct 22 2002

Printing using IPX/SPX to a Canon Networked printer

The only way to print using IPX is through a NetWare server or NetWare emulation.
(you can make some NOS's act as a NetWare server)

Canon officially supports
NetWare 3.x
NetWare 4.x in NDS and Bindery

We have gotten NetWare 5.x to work using IPX as well but I personally recommend TCP/IP and NDPS

If you want to print on NetWare 5.x using IPX click here
If you want to print on Netware 5.x using TCP/IP click here

How does NetWare Print When Using IPX
Basic concept

When a user prints a document, the print job is sent to a print queue.
The print queue is managed by a print server which checks the queue periodically for jobs and when it finds one it checks the printer to see if it is accepting jobs and if the printer is ready, the print server sends the job off to the printer.

Print server
- Can run on the file server (pserver.nlm), a remote workstation (pserver.exe), or the printer itself.  With Canon/EFI rips the pserver runs on the printer.  On some of the Canon non-EFI machines you can run pserver on the printer or on the file server (rpinter/nprinter, I'll talk about that farther down this page).

Print queue
- a sub directory on a file server where the print jobs are stored until the printer is ready

- you'll never guess what this is.

Now you have to create these three objects in netware and point them to the right places.  I can help you with this if you like.

Go here and pick which version of NetWare you are using.

More stuff on IPX

- Remote Printer - These two are basiclly the same. rprinter runs on NetWare 3.x and nprinter runs on NetWare 4.x.  Normally when you run pserver on a file/printer server the printer is directly connected to that file/printer server.  Because our printers connect directly to the lan we need to run rprinter/nprinter on the printer to tell the pserver where we are.  I personally recommend running pserver on the printer to free up resourses on the file server.

Print Queue Names
- For EFI RIPS queue names should end with _print, _hold, or _direct depending on which queue you want to use.  If you do not use any of these it will print to the print queue.  If you have the print queue disabled it will print to the direct queue.  For non-EFI RIPS the queue name is arbitrary.
Frame Types - You should know what IPX frame type you are running on the LAN when you go to setup the printer itself.  From the system console type config <enter> and look for ETHERNET_802.2 or ETHERNET_802.3 or maybe even both.

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