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Updated June 21 2004

How to configure NDPS on a NetWare 5.x server to work with a Canon networked printer

If you want to use the pserver on IPX like in NetWare 4.x go here.

These tests where done with NetWare 5 running TCP/IP using NDPS

Getting Started

1.  Make sure you at least Service Pack 2 installed.
2.  Make sure you are running TCP/IP.  This is done by typing config at the console and looking for Ethernet_II frame type with an IP address.
It is possible to use NDPS with IPX only.  For printing to a Canon printer, TCP/IP must be installed.
4.  Make sure that NDPS is installed.  Goto NWCONFIG, Product Options, View/Configure/Remove installed products.  Install if necessary
5.  Make sure you have a broker running.  a broker should have been already created during the install process.  ALT ESC your way through the console screens.  One should read NDPS Broker.

Introduction to some new terms

The Printer Agent
The Printer Agent combines the functions previously performed by a printer, a queue, a print server, and the spooler.  It can run on a server or on the printer.  For Canon printers we need it to run on the server.  No printer agent can represent more than one printer and no printer can be represented by more than one printer agent.

The NDPS Manager (NDPSM.NLM)
The NDPS Manager provides a platform for printer agents that reside on the server.  a NDPS manger must be created in the tree before you can create server based printer agents.  A single NDPS Manager can control multiple printer agents.  A specific NDPS Manager can only be loaded on one server.

Printer Gateways
Printer Gateways allow NDPS clients to send print jobs to printers that are not NDPS aware.  You select and configure a gateway when you create a new printer agent.

The Broker
The Broker provides some network support services not previously available.  SRS, ENS, RMS.  These are invisible to the ends user but the administrator should be aware of them.
More information on the Broker

Detailed Instructions

You Must be logged in with admin rights

1. Create a NDPS manager

2. Create a NDPS Printer Agent You should get an error if you created a new NDPS Manager and it is not loaded.
"NDPS Manager "name" is not loaded.  It must be loaded to create a new printer agent.  Do you want to auto load the NDPS manager from this workstation? NOTE:  The procedure above describes loading the NDPS manager manually.  If the server is rebooted, the NDPS manager must again be manually started.  The customer will probably want the NDPS manager to be started automatically during the booting of the server.  Add the NDPS manager to the Autoexec.ncf by doing the following;

Run NWCONFIG, NCFFILES Options, Edit Autoexec.ncf.  Add this line to the bottom of the file   NDPSM manager_name_and_context

NOTE: make sure you have the latest client software ( starts with 3.x I think ) with Novell Distributed Print Services support installed on your workstation.

P.S. don't forget to enable LPD on the printer.

Well we should be off to the races,  give it a test.

How do I change the queue name or IP address of a NDPS Printer Agent?
Toggle to the NDPS manager
select the Printer Agent list
Select the Printer agent
Select configuration
Select Configurations utilities
Select the type of NDPS gateway your printer agent is currently using;

Canon NDPS Gateway 
Use "Select from the List" to browse for the printer.  You must also manually enter the queue name
Use Specify with IP Address to manually enter both the IP and queue name

Novell Printer Gateway
Select a printer
Select the Novell Port Handler
Select Remote Printer : LPR/TCPIP
Select IP Host
Enter the IP by either host address or host name (Use enter to move to the next octet)
Highlight LPR Printer Name hit edit it

You must now restart the Printer Agent for the changes to take effect
Escaep your way to the Printer Agent list
Select your Printer Agent
Select Status and Control
Choose Shutdown Printer
Choose Shut Down to select Start Up Printer
You are done

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If you find an error or wish to comment please let me know.