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Updated May 22 2003

Hex editors

There are many different Hex editors out there.  You should find that the basic features are the same.  I use frhed, The Free Hex Editor, on my Windows box but there are many others available.  Please note that you can do all of this stuff from a text editor as long as you know how to insert the escape control code.  I use vi on UNIX/POSIX boxes.  To insert <ESC> in vi press and hold the ctrl key then press v and then ctrl [   Do not use a word processor as they add their own codes to the document.

Find, install, and run your hex editor.  You will notice two sections.  The one of the left is the hex values and the one on the right is the ASCII values.  You can use the "Tab" key to go back and forth between hex input and ASCII input.  Notice where the cursor is flashing when you press tab.

Hex editor

Tab so that the cursor is flashing on the hex input side and type "1B".  on the ASCII side you will see a dot or whatever symbol you're editor uses to display control characters.    Next you have two choices, you can type 45 or press tab and press shift+e.  Either one will give you a capital E.  Great that is your first escape sequence.

First escape sequence

Try finishing the example on the previous page.

Basic PCL print job

When finished, save your file.  The extension is not important but the most common ones, if you want one, would be .txt, .p5e, .pcl, .prn.

Next, getting the file to the printer.

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