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Updated May 22 2003

PCL/PJL for Beginners

This is a basic introduction to HP's PCL5e and PJL.  I do not touch on all the subjects and many of the important subjects are missing.  After reading this you should understand the format of PCL escape sequences and PJL commands and be able to use a Hex editor to enter these commands and control codes.  There is also a section on using macros with Canon network printers and a handy troubleshooting section.  For more information on PCL and PJL you can order the Technical Reference Bundle from HP.

The pages start off for beginners so if you start in the middle and get lost, back up a page or few to learn what you need.  Have fun.

Page 1 - Intro to ASCII and hexadecimal

Page 2 - Control codes and escape sequences

Page 3 - Hex editors

Page 4 - getting our test code to the copier

Page 5 - Font selection using characteristics

Page 6 - macros/overlays/forms with Canon network printers

Page 7 - PJL with Canon network printers

Page 8 - Troubleshooting PCL and PJL

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