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Updated Oct 22 2003
Setting up Digital UNIX 4

Tru64 is Compaq's name for Digital UNIX which is a descendant of OSF/1

Many thanks to Jose German for sending in this document on setting up Digital UNIX 4.

It is a 37k Word documnet


Update:  Here is another handy email from Matthew Klestrup who has sent us many excellent tips.

Hi Rick,

Recently I learned something about Tru64 UNIX (Compaq/HP) that others might want to know as well.

If you experience Postscript errors you might have to change the filter on the Tru64 UNIX printer setup from hplaserof to hplaserpsof. Hplaserpsof should be used with Postscript printers and hplaserof seems not to work so well with imageRUNNERS. This will typically happen if HP printers are replaced with Canon imageRUNNERS and the printer setup is just re-used. You can just replace the entries in the printcap file and restart the printer on the Tru64 UNIX box.

If you want to check out the print job without any filters, you can use the -x option with your lpr command.

Tru64 UNIX Printcap

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Canon Danmark A/S
Matthew Klestrup

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