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Updated Oct 22 2002

Here is the beginning and ending sections of this MSWord document. I beleive it speaks for itself.
It was written by Remco Wiegel in coöperation with Dick Holt, Both from Canon Netherlands.
Great work guys, thanks for letting us post it.


Novell 5 printer distribution with settings.


Find out if it is possible to distribute a printerdriver to workstations with the settings and mailboxinsettings of the printer.


Used a IR5000 PCL5e driver version 4.81 on a W98SE workstation in a Novell 5 Network.

The thought behind this test is to distribute the driver in the common way for Novell5 and to distribute the settings as an application and push this application to the workstations. This can be done with ZEN works for novell5.


End result:

There is still a problem when the user logs on for the first time. First he gets the application and then the driver. The driver overwrites the settings done in the regestry. Because the driver is only downloaded once and the application every time, a second login will cure the problem.

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