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Updated Oct 22 2002

Configuring a print server and print queue on a NetWare 4.x server in a bindery container to work with a networked printer
(pserver bindery)

Make sure you have a user with admin rights in the bindery container. If you have admin rights to the tree but you don't have a user or alias with admin rights in the bindery container it will not work.

login as a user with admin rights to the bindery container

run pconsole.exe (usually in SYS:\public directory)
when pconsole opens press F4 to switch to bindery mode
at the top of the screen it should read:
User <login name> on NetWare Server <server name> Connection <#>
Make sure you are connected to the right server before you continue, if you are not, arrow down to :
Change Current NetWare Server and do your thing.

If/when you are connected to the right serer then highlight Quick Setup and hit enter
The highlighter should be across from the Print server:
just start typing in the name of the new print server and hit enter (the name is arbitrary)
example GP200_PS

arrow down to New printer and type in the name of the new printer. Hit enter (agian the name is arbitrary)
example GP200P

arrow down to New print queue and type in the name of the new queue.  For more information on naming the queue see the bottom of ipx.html
Example GP200PQ_direct

arrow down to printer type and select Other/Unknown

press Esc and yes to save changes?

Oh joy you are done.  Wasn't that easy.  Now you need to configure your printer to use these settings.

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If you find an error or wish to comment please let me know.