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Last updated Feb 6 2003

How to Import E-mail addresses from MS Windows 2000 Active directory to the IR5000i address book
By Luis Oliveros

You will need an LDAP Browser. I found Softerra LDAP Browser 2.5, a freeware browser from
After installing the LDAP Browser, launch it and select ‘File’ ‘new profile’.
Enter a name for the profile and click next.

Under ‘Host’, enter the IP address of the Windows 2000 server running Exchange 2000.
Under ‘Base DN:’ Enter your base DN.  the Base DN for the domain will be DC=canon,DC=com
Leave the rest unchanged
click next

Enter the User DN and password information, the administrator account is created by default in the users OU.
User DN: CN=administrator,CN=users,DC=canon,DC=com
click next

Use the default settings and click finish

Now in the main window
Select the profile name created in step 1

Next select the container you want to export as and LDIF file, then select the edit menu and select export ldif

Select export, the file created can be imported to the ir5000i using RUI

Open the RUI, select Add. Func. and then import/export link.
Browse for the LDIF file and select "Import on this criteria"


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