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Last updated Apr. 01, 2004
Netspot Console's Email Notifaction

Windows NT4 SP6a and Exchange 5.5

First lets make sure Exchange is configured for internet email as that is what we are using to send notifactions and it is not installed by default.

1.  Open the Exchange Administrator
        Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange > Microsoft Exchange Administrator

2.  Make sure you are looking at the correct mail server

3.  Look for the "Internet Mail Service" connection under

If it is there move on to configuring NetSpot Console.  If it is missing, you will have to ask the administrator to add it or come up with another solution (cough, FreeBSD box, cough).  To add it (don't do this unless you know what you are doing) you must have DNS configured, then from Microsoft Exchange Administrator, highlight <yourdomain> and click on
File > new other > internet mail service
This will start a wizard, answer the questions and we are off to configure Netspot Console (see below).
For more info on installing and configuring Internet Mail Service see this microsoft support page.

Windows 2000 SP4 and Exchange 2000

Nothing should have to be done on the exchange server.  
Here is what I did for the test.
-  Installed W2kAS and then promoted it to domain controller (dcpromo).
-  Added the reverse lookup zone in DNS and populated it to match my environment.
-  Did a default install of Exchange 2000.  (already configured for SMTP)
-  Added a user for the NetSpot Console test

Now I configured NetSpot Console and all worked well.  See configuring NetSpot Console below.

Configuring NetSpot Console v3.1

Assuming you have already installed NetSpot Console v3.1, Open NetSpot Console and log in to enter Administrator Mode.  In the left panel click on "Settings", then "Notification".  We'll edit our settings here.  Frist you need to select the device you want notifiction from and the interval for querying the device.  Under "Devices Subject to Notification" click on "Edit...".
Check your settings (self explainitory) select the device(s) and the interval then "OK"  Now we are back at the previous window.

Under the heading "Notify by E-mail", click on "Edit"
In the new window, click the box beside "Notify by E-mail" to enable the feature.
Under "Destination Default Settings for Notices" you must fill in the lines for "From:" and "Reply-to Address" with valid users on Exchange.  This can be tricky.
For example:  (from my limited testing)
Let say my exchange log in name is "preston" and my email is ""
If my settings on NetSpot Console where:
    From: Rick Preston
    Reply-to Address:
This does not work (hook up a protocol analizer, user unknown)
    From: preston
    Reply-to Address:
    Reply-to Address:
work fine.

Add a .sig if you want and input the exchange servers IP address in "SMTP Server Address"

Now Under "Notice Conditions" click the box beside "Send by Regular Format" to enable this option.
"To Address" needs to be a valid user address on the exchange server.  This is who the email will be sent to.
Choose your conditions and click on "Test Mail"  You should get a "Test mail has been sent"  If you get an erro here please recheck all the steps on this page.
Click "OK" at the top of the page and we are set to go.

Have fun,

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