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Last revised Nov. 25, 2002
NetSpot Suite of Utilities
NetSpot programs and what they do.
(hey Rick add more details)

Configure and monitor conditions of your network printers.

NetSpot Console
An IIS (web based) version of NetSpot.

NetSpot Device Installer
Europe Only - configure device

Netspot Device Status Extention
win2k snmp plugin

NetSpot Plug-in for Tivoli NetView
IBM Tivoli NetView Network management software.

NetSpot Plug-in for HP OpenView 5 & 6
HP OpenView [] is network management software.

NetSpot Plug-in for CA Unicenter
CA Unicenter [] is network management software.

NetSpot Job Monitor
an advanced printers folder.

NetSpot Accountant
Collect and analyze device usage information

NetSpot Resource Downloader
Download fonts and macros to the printer board.

NetSpot Resource Downloader Print Driver Add-on Module
Used to access downloaded fonts and macros.

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If I missed one, please let me know. Thanks