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Updated April 15 2002

The NetSpot Resource Downloader Quick Reference Page

The Canon NetSpot Resource Downloader (CNRD) is used to download and manage fonts/macros on Canon networked printers. The Canon NetSpot Resource Downloader Printer Driver Add On Module is used to access these resources.

The printer must be on an Ethernet network with a static IP address. The client OS must be printing using LPR.

This is a basic quick reference. For more details check the CNRD user guide pdf

Using MS Windows 98, me, nt4, 2k, xp, install the Canon PCL5e v5.2 or higher printer driver using the setup.exe and also install NetSpot suite services. Do not use point-n-print. Set it up to use lpr port and test your connection. Install the CNRD v1.2 or higher and then install the Add On Module v1.11 or higher.

Launch the CNRD and click on settings in the bottom left. Verify settings and click ok.

Now it's time to create a group to work with. Under device group click new. Choose which type of resource this group is going to use and name the group. Click ok.

Now we need to add the printer we want to use to our group. With our new group selected, under device click on add. Automatically discover or manually input the IP address to your printer. Click add.

Now we have a group and a device we just need to point to our resource. Under the resource section click on add. Point to your resource and click open.

Now back at the main window, if you highlight a resource you can change some of its details. Not on all resource types support this.

Well it looks like you are ready to go. Click on the download button and wait. A check mark appears beside the resource once it is downloaded. The resource is now on the copier and a resource information file (.daf) is created in the directory specified in the settings tab. It's time to use it. Click exit to leave the downloader.

Using The Resource.

At the configuration tab of the printer driver, click get device status and go though that process. When done click on get resource information. Point to the .daf file in the directory specified under the settings of the CNRD. This makes the resources available to the driver.

The fonts should show up as printer fonts in your applications and the macros are called using the overlay tab of the printer driver. Select Use overlay printing with: Form File (PDL data) on device.

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