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Updated Oct 22 2002

Configuring Fiery Tools

This page has been created to help you configure the Fiery Downloader or Command Workstation software.

This tool works best with TCP/IP.

The following information is required when connecting a new device;

This can be any name, it does not matter 
Choose TCP/IP
Server Name
Enter the TCP/IP address of the Fiery board
New Device
Enter the device name.  Just use the numbered part of the LPR Queue name.  (IE 600-605 or 900-950)


Here is a procedure

If you are starting Fiery downloader for the first time it will notice that no servers are connected and ask if you wish to configure.  Choose Yes.

Otherwise Click Add to add another device.

Enter the Nickname of the Device.  You can use any unique name.
Select TCP/IP as your choice of protocol.
Under Server name, enter the TCP/IP address of the Device.
Under New device, enter the numbered part of the LPR Queue name.  For example, the IR 600 LPR queue name is print_600-605.  The numbered part you should enter is 600-605.  Choose Add
Click Ok
Now click on this same numbered part of the Queue name and select ok.  You can also double click.
You should get an ?  Opening Connection for Server Name_Queue name?   IE IR600_600-605
The software should connect rather quickly.

If you receive an error ?  Unable to establish services to the specified server?? Please try the following;

Ensure the device has a valid TCP/IP address.
Ensure you can ping it.
Ensure you have not messed up on the numbered part of the LPR Queue name.   (I forget this all the time).

Here is an example


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If you find an error or wish to comment please let me know.