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Updated Oct 22 2002

ColorPASS Printer
Driver Guide

This guide goes right down the screens in the Canon ColorPASS Z40e print driver under Windows 95/98/Me.
The items marked with "*" are most important and should be stressed during a training.
These instructions will also apply to other similar RIPs.

Thanks to Charles Kelly for putting this together.  ;-)

Default Driver
Set the Z40e driver as default before opening the application.  This ensures that margins and WYSIWYG are working correctly.

Start Application
Open a document (in MS Word for instance), and select File menu and then print.  The "ColorPASS Z40e" printer should already be default, and press the properties button.

Saved Settings
The first thing you will notice is the Saved settings button.  This allows you to setup specific print settings and save them as a 'profile'.  This way you can select the profile on a subsequent print and not have to remember all the options you set to get the desired output.

Save fast reprint keeps printed documents in ripped format.  This allows reprinting documents from the webtools or command workstation without re-ripping.  Documents are printed faster as long as you don't have to change options.

*Paper source:
Allows you to change the paper size and feed location.  This is where you setup to print from the bypass tray for transparencies, heavy paper/card stock & thin paper.  Transparency interleaving allows you to insert either blank pages or printed pages between transparencies to keep them from sticking to one another.

Self explanatory.

Allows printing of text in the background.  There are pre-programmed words and you can add your own.

Sorry, the advanced features of Colorwise are beyond the scope of this document.

Combine Separations:
Causes the colorpass to recombine 4 separate outputs from applications
capable of sending them.  Typical apps might be QuarkXpress and PageMaker.  This allows trapping and overprinting to work correctly.
Black Detection:
For a predominantly black and white job, setting this option speeds printing by sensing the data on each page of your job to detect any color information; if black is the only color detected on a page, the copier will print the page using only black toner and one print cycle instead of the four cycles necessary for color printing. If your job consists of black-only text pages combined with a significant number of color pages, set this option to off.

*Gradation Smoothing:
This option adds digital 'noise' to images so that you get better
transitions from one color to another as in a blend or gradation.  You can try the different levels to achieve different effects.

*Toner Reduction:
Prevents applications from specifying 100% of all 4 colors CMYK.  This only affects CMYK documents, not RGB.  You would use this option if you notice 'blasting' or toner spray around small characters or lines.

This is where you can print 2-sided, staple if you have these options
installed on the copier.  (CLC1150 for auto-duplexing and a Staple-sorter).  Top-Top would be normal (book mode) for a portrait document and calendar mode for a landscape document.  These reverse for Top-Bottom mode.

Manual Face:
This allows you to manually duplex a document correctly so the machine
processes the sheets with the proper speed and transfer modes.

Imageable area:
Full area takes advantage of the largest printable area of the paper size.  The lead edge of prints (or copies) is larger than the trailing edge.  This causes duplexed documents to appear shifted.  If you choose duplex area, the trailing edge margin is increased to be much closer to the lead edge so front to back matches up closer.  If you need to 'tweak' it a little, use the image shift option.

This option allows you to create a master (15 from the print driver and 100 from Command Workstation).  You can then use this master to print variable data on.  This is typically used for mailings where you have a nice graphic(s) and the data that changes is just text.  This allows the Z40e to process the background once and speeds up the process.

Allows the user to enter notes that appear in the job log of the ColorPASS.

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