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Updated Oct 22 2002

Tab Printing with the iR8500

Setting up the copier.

Loading the Tab paper into cassette. Page 5-11 of the Reference Guide.
Tab paper can only go in drawer 3 or 4.
Open cassette 3 or 4.
Move the left guide all the way to the left.
Set the front and rear guide for LTR. (tab printing is supported on only LTR paper)
Place the tab paper absorption sheet in the cassette, label side face up. The large slit goes to the left.
If you lost your tab paper absorption sheet you can get one from your Canon Dealership. The Canon Part number is FF6-1019-000.
Tab paper is loaded face down, with the tabs to the left. The tab paper on the top of the stack should have it's tab at the rear of the cassette.
Move the left guide into place.
Place the paperweight bar on top of the tabs. If you need a new one - LTR Type FF6-1051-000
Push the cassette back into the machine.
Tell the copier you have tab paper in the cassette. Page 3-12 of the Reference Guide.
On the copiers control panel, press "Additional Functions"
Select "Common Settings"
Press the down arrow
Select "Store Paper Type"
Select the cassette you put the tab paper in.
Select "Tab Paper"
Set the number of tabs per set.
Press "Done"
Press "OK"
Press "Done" 3x or press "Additional functions" to get back to standby mode.
You are now ready to use the copier walk up functions of tab printing. For details read the iR8500 Copying Guide page 2-70 to 2-75
Setup a Windows computer to print on to tab paper.
Setting up the printer driver. Page 2-24 of the PCL Driver Guide.
This Document assumes the printer driver and NetSpot Suite Services are already installed on a Windows 9x machine.
Click Start, settings, printers.
Right click on the printer driver and select properties.
Click on the configuration tab.
Click on "Get Device Status"
Select "Yes" to "Get information from the Device"
Click "OK" at "Get Device Status Successful"
Click on "Apply" to register the settings.
Selecting Tab paper as the paper source. Page 3-26 of the PCL Driver Guide
With the printer driver still open, select the "Paper Source" tab.
Under "Select by:" choose "Paper type"
In the "Paper type" window, select "Tab Paper"
Click "OK" or "Apply"/"OK" depending on your personality type.
Configuring the Application. Probably in the Applications users guide.
This test is done using MicroSoft Word 2000. Here is a sample document. (right click and "save link as...")
Open the provided document. This is set up for five tabs per set. You can use it for reference when setting up different sizes.
Edit the "Tab n" to what you want.
Go to next page and repeat.
When you are ready to print click on "File"
Then in the file menu click on "Print"
When the print dialog box comes up, click on "OK"
The job should be printing now.
There are some limitations when printing on tab paper.
Please Read 2-71 of the Copying Guide.
Keep having way too much fun.

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