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Update Oct 22 2002

I need help with the ImagePASS L1/M1 Mac Driver (Job accounting Secured Print Mailbox or Notes)

The original ImagePass L1 PPD V1.0 does not appear to fully support these features
Until an official newer driver is available, use the ImagePass M1 V1.1 PPD

1.  Install the driver or PPD as normal
2.  From your application choose file, print
3.  Choose the Drop Down beside General
4.  Choose Printer Specific Options
5.  You have three choices, Print, Mailbox or Secured Print
6.  If you wish to use Mailbox or Secured print, choose it now
7.  Using the same drop down list in step 3, choose Canon iR105-M1
8.  You should see options like?

Department ID
Department Password
Secured Password
Select Mailbox
9.  Enter the required information and use the print button to send the print job

This procedure has been tested (limited) with Department ID/Password, Secured printing and Mailbox

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