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Updated March 26 2003

I need a general purpose PCL5e or PS printer driver.  What can I use?

Updated March 26 2003
The Canon controllers for the iR2200-105 are based on the HP Laserjet 4000
The EFI controllers L1, M1, and M2 are based on the HP Laserjet 5000
Now back to the origanal document.

PCL5e Driver
The HP Laserjet 4si is a great choice for general purpose printing.  It is native to Windows 95a to 98SE
It supports Auto Select, Upper Tray, Lower Tray and manual feed paper sources.
I've tried the paper source select on EFI based printers and had good luck
It also support duplexing
It does not support 11X17
Its the only driver I use on my production machines and works great with everything I have tried so far (Including CPCA type boxes)

The HP Laerjet 5si is native to Windows 98 and 98SE  (2000 and XP?)
It does support 11X17
On 2000 and XP it also has multiple pages per page or n-up printing  (For tree savers like me)

Postscript Driver
In the Postscript world I was recommended to try the following
Apple Laserwriter 600 Pro or Pro 600
QMS Colour Script 100 (11X17 and Duplex) (margins an issue)

I have not tried either of these PSD drivers yet

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