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Updated Oct 22 2002

Setting up IRIX 6.5 to print to Networked Printers

This email was sent to me by David Kitcher of Scott Pickford Group in Croydon, England
Thanks Dave, This is fantasic!

Subject: Configuring network printer on IRIX for Canon IR5000


Thanks for the info on your website about configuring network printers on Solaris, it saved me a lot of time!

I've just tried configuring a lp network queue on IRIX 6.5 for the Canon IR5000 printer and found that I could do it using the Printer Manager in the Desktop Toolchest. It handles Postscript and UNIX ASCII without stairstepping (unlike Solaris).

1. Make sure the lp subsystem is installed:

#versions | grep spooler
I 07/03/1999 'lp' Printer Spooler Man Pages
I print.sw.spooler 07/03/1999 'lp' Printer Spooler 1.8.5

#chkconfig | grep lp
lp on

2. Make sure your printhost server is in the /etc/hosts file or NIS server database

3. As user root, from the Desktop Toolchest select "System" and then select "Printer Manager"

Click "Add" button.

and insert the relevant details to the "Add Printer" menu:

New Printer Name: ir5000
Printer Connected To: Remote Host (radio button)
Remote server an SGI?: No (radio button)
Remote Host Name: printhost
remote Printer Name: lp

Click "OK" button

4. Test printer status

lpstat -p ir5000 -l

5. Send some test prints

lp -d ir5000
lp -d ir5000 test.txt

I hope this is of use,


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