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Updated Oct 22 2002

Setting up IBM NUMA-Q dynix/PTX to print to a Canon Networked printer

This page was provided by George Lester, George)

I am successfully printing to 3 Canon Imagerunner's Model 550 and 600 from the IBM NUMA-Q (formally known as Sequent Numa) dynix/PTX Unix Sys V operating system ver. 4.4.4

(Thanks for the helpful tips, here's my repay)!

1.  You do not need to shut down print services, leave them up.
2.  Put an entry in the host table for the Canon Printer
3.  Ping the printer from the Sequent to ensure connectivity
4.  As user 'root', enter the following lpadmin command

/usr/lib/lpadmin -p  queue_name_local -s hostname_printer:printer_queue_name -i /usr/spool/lp/model/remoteif -v /usr/spool/lp/fifos/remotelp

5.  enable queue_name_local
6.   /usr/lib/accept queue_name_local

Detail Specific Information to dynix/PTX lpadmin

-i = dynix/ptx default remote interface for LAN attached printers.
-v = associates the default remote device for LAN attached printers.

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