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Updated Dec 12 2002

Error adding a new printer

"$REMOTE_QUEUE_NAME: Event not found" error message.
"print: event not found"

Updated Dec 12 2002
Hugh Sasse <hgs AT dmu DOT ac DOT uk> reminds us to escape the ! with a backslash like you would with any metacharacter. (doh!)
# lpadmin -p canon -s gp405!print
would become
# lpadmin -p canon -s gp405\!print
Thanks again Hugh

We now return you to your regularly scheduled document

Hi everybody
I have been emailing back and forth with Wan-Fern Chang, a sysadmin in Singapore. He has provided me with a great tip that could save you a lot of time.

Wan-Fern uses the C shell and was using the information on ISGSP to add a GP405PCL to a Sun Solaris server. It was not working :-(
After confirming a couple of things with me, Wan-Fern found that the syntax of the command was not supported in the C shell. Here are a couple of lines from a couple of emails.

The reason why I did not manage to execute the command successfully is because my root a/c is using the C shell. I used the Bourne shell to execute the command.
The command, "lpadmin -p canon -s gp405!print" contains the special character !. ! is not allowed in the C shell (it is a special character used for history substitution) so that's why I have problems executing the above command. However, ! is allowed in both Bourne and Korn shells. That's my findings.

Great tip, I hope this save you some time.

For those of you who are in the C shell terminal window and don't know how to get to the Bourne shell, at the prompt type:
that's it, now add your printers.
when finished to get back to the C shell type:

Wan-Fern, thanks for all your help.

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