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Updated Feb 24 2003
The Banner Page

When you print from UNIX to an EFI controller the EFI banner page also prints out.

Even if you have added :sh:\ to your /etc/printcap  (BSD)
or if you edit the file /etc/lp/interfaces/printer_name and change the entry nobanner=no to nobanner=yes  (SVR4)
it will stop the local banner page but the EFI banner page still prints.

Thanks to CSList, I was forwarded a patch to correct this issue.
When this patch is sent to  the printer the EFI banner page no longer prints out.

We have tested this patch on the Canon printer boards:
D1/E1, H1/K1, F1, M2
and it works great.  If you get it to work on your printer board, Canon or other let me know and I can add the model to this page for others.

Here is the (1k) patch

This patch was sent by an anonymous donor.  They received it from another anonymous donor who got it from....  (a lot of people thank you all)

How do I use/install it?

There are two files in the patch.  One to turn off the EFI banner page and one to turn it on.
They are both postcript files so as long as you get them to the machines' print queue (and the machine supports postscript) it will activate the patch.
There are multiple ways to do this.

The most common way to install a patch like this is to use the EFI downloader from a windows machine.
Chances are, if you are reading this, that you are on some kind of a UNIX box so the windows downloader won't be much help.
I am taking you the long way to say "print the patch as a postscript file to the print queue from your UNIX box."
there are too many ways to do this from UNIX depending on your flavor.  but in most cases:

Updated Nov 1, 2002
Simon Hitchcock of Marconi wrote to say: 
"I did have to change the (GP405 - H1 board) printers config "personality" from "auto" to "postscript" before would work, but work it did."
Thanks for the tip Simon.

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