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Updated July 14 2003

SAP has developed "Device Types" for the following Canon Networked printers:

PCL Device Type
PS Device Type
iR2200-2800-3300(i) zcan22.pri
iR5000-6000(i) zcan5.pri
iR7200-8500-85 zcan85.pri
iR105 zcan105.pri
iR330/400 P1/R1 only zcan400.pri
iRC3200 zcanc32.pri

These are available from the SAP Service Marketplace website @ for which you, well the customer, must have an account.  They are to be bundled with the release of version 6.3

Supported SAP R/3 Versions and Features
Form printing is available for version 3.0 or later.
ABAP list printing is available for version 4.5 or later.
Supportted Character set is Latin1.
OCR font support  is included for PCL Device Types only, due to SAP standard.
Bar code fonts are not supported.

Supported Finishing Features
Paper source
Page Orientation
Number of copies
Paper size

Non-supported Finishing Features
Staple and hole punch (niether is a standard SAP feature)
Output tray - not currently supported via PCL/PJL with the current Canon firmware.  hopefully soon.
Note:  It is possible for the customer to customize the Device Type to add staple and hole punch.  Since SAP owns the Device Types, any modifications would void SAP support.

Instructions for downloading
Go to and login.  You must already have an account.
Select "SAPNotes" on the right frame.
Enter "8928" in the Note number field and submit.
Select the "Attachment" tab on the far right of the menu bar to access the file ""
Download the file and party.

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