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Updated Oct 22 2002

Configuring UNIX Print Services for Netware

This document explains how to configure Unix Printing Services for Netware.
This service is included with the installation CDROM in Netware 5.x
With Netware 4.11, this service is an option on a separate CDROM
The versions are different but the procedure is the same.

This service is an alternative to the conventional IPX/SPX queue based printing on Netware 4.11/5.x
This alternative fits into the following situations:

1. The customer wants to print with TCP/IP using LPD from the Netware server to the printer.
2. The customers network does not want SAP broadcasts over routers.
3. The customer has Netware 5.x with no NDPS* support and a IP only network.

*Unix Print services for Netware is a direct replacement for NDPS.  According to out tests you must remove NDPS to use this service.

Installing Unix Print Services

1. Mount the Installation CDROM containing the Unix print services.
2. Type at the console nwconfig on Netware 5.x, On Netware 4.11 load install.nlm
3. Select Product options.
4. Select Install Unix print services.
5. You must login at the console with administrative rights
6. After the installation is finished press the escape key to exit the utility.

Configuring the Printing environment

1. Assign an IP address and enable LPD printing on the printer.
2. At the Netware console type load edit.nlm (Netware 5.x just type edit)
3. Press the insert key and browse to Sys and then the etc folder
4. Open the hosts file and add the IP Address and a Host name of the printer you are trying to configure e.g.:  gp200   (To be safe use lower case and no spaces)
5. Save the file and exit.
6. Test the connection using Ping.  Type Ping at the command prompt.
Enter the host name, enter, escape.  If everything is ok, you should get a response.  Escape to exit
7. From a Windows 9X Workstation, log is as Admin and run NWADMIN32.EXE  (Public\Win32)
8. Click on Tools and select Print Service Quick Setup (non NDPS).
9. Type the name of the Print server, Print queue and Printer.
10. Under Printer type, select UNIX.  The Communication window will open.
11. Enter the Hosts name you defined on the hosts file and also enter the internal queue  name (LPR) for the printer.
12. Click on create and exit.
13. Back At the Netware console type load unicon.nlm (Netware 5.x just type unicon)
14. Select Manage services
15. Select Print Services
16. Select Manage Netware to Unix Printing
17. Select Default Print Server
18. Press enter to select the print server you create with Netware Administrator.
19. Browse the NDS tree and select the proper print server object
20. Press escape to get to the main unicon screen
21. Select Start/stop services
22. Press the insert key
23. Select Netware-to-Unix print Gateway
24. The service will start and it will be ready to use.

How can I check the Status?
Using NWADMIN, double click on the Printer server, select print layout (Non-NDPS).
Click on the desired object and use the status button.
It is normal to see a red exclamation mark beside the printer and a ?Unknown? status.

How do I turn off job notification?
Could be one of two places:
1. On the customers workstation, right click on network neighboorhood, double click Novell Netware Client, Default capture, uncheck Notify under other settings.
2. Using NWADMIN, double click the printer, notification, uncheck Notify Print Job Owner.

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If you find an error or wish to comment please let meknow.