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Updated Oct 22 2002

Problems you may encounter when work with NetWare

1.  This part of the document was stolen from cslist (what a great resource) and printed without permission.  (Am I bad or what)

Subject: [cslist] CP_Z40E won't login to Novell Server

Hi All,

I'd Thought I would post this info to save some other poor slob (like me) from spending several days working on this problem.

The Problem: When setting up a ColorPass Z40e (NT Based) Rip on a large Novell network you can successfully browse the NDS tree to the Pserver object (the one you previously created along with a printer & Queue NDS object using the quick setup in NWAdmin).  BUT the CP_Z40e never logs into the Novell 4.11 server as that Pserver object you created (You check using the Monitor.nlm). So it consequently never services the queue you created.

The Solution: When doing the Pserver set up (under Services, under Network setup) you not only need to browse to the Pserver object that you created BUT you should NOT (emphasize NOT) "search entire NDS tree for queue" INSTEAD say "NO" and it will let you browse the tree to the CONTAINER that the queue resides in (not to the queue itself). So when you finally get to the right container you'll have two choices "." and ". ." The single dot "." is your choice. It means "right where you are" whereas the double dot". ." means go up
one level.

Then Reboot, Check your Monitor.nlm and you will see your Pserver logged in and it will then service the queue. Hope this is helpful.

Vince McHugh
Systems Support Manager

2.  This part of the document is stolen from a conversation I had with a tech in Toronto Ontario (I'm trying to take credit but it's really someone else - E.R.)

The Problem:  Troubles browsing the NDS tree from a EFI product.

The Solution:    A.  Public trustee has to be enabled and have browse rights to the tree.
                                B.  This also happens if the server reponding to the request has a corupt replica of the tree.

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