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Updated Oct 22 2002

Setting up
Windows Terminal Server
to print to a Canon Networked printer

Original post
Denis's email (worth the read)
Canon's ideas
Citix Document ID: CTX681954 PDF
Citrix Knowledge Base Search engine

I would like to thank Vince McHugh for all his work in putting this together.  This is still beta v 0.99999c

Here are a couple of emails from Vince
Please Note : "this is a work in progress and we would appreciate any and all feed back"

Hi Rick:

I have had to do another couple of Citrix/Windows terminal server
installs of the iRs. I have found that though the notes I sent you DO work.
The Canon ImageRunner drivers are NOT Citrix certified. So I have moved to
simply setting up the IRs by using the Citrix HP4 or 5si driver (just do Add
Printer and select it from the HP list). It is probably the easiest solution,
and most Admins seem to be real comfortable with it.
So feel free to post any or all of it. You may want to note that this is
a work in progress and we would appreciate any and all feed back.

Vince McHugh
Systems Support Manager
NECS \ Canon

To All,

This is some follow up info to my earlier request for info.
We did successfully install 4 GP200e driver on the Windows terminal server.
We did the following:

1. used the Add\Remove program to install the Setup.exe on the "Network
Printer Board F1 (PCL)" ver 2.0. This is the CD that allows you to pick any
of the iRs or GPs by checking a box for the appropriate print and/or fax
By using the Add\Remove program you get to specify "Who" can use this
program(printer) = All or Admin etc.

2. After getting the driver (both Print & Fax -separate drivers) set up
on the Terminal Server and working on the Terminal desktop, we set up the
same drivers (Print & Fax) on a separate Windows NT4 File\Print server. BUT
we did not use LPR (kept crashing the Spooler). Instead we set them up as a
remote printer using "Windows Printing" so the queue was \\GP200\print. This
worked well on the print server (again we used the Setup.exe off of the afore
mentioned CD). Then we browsed out to the Windows NT4 File\Print server from
the Windows Terminal Server Desktop and double clicked on the Shared GP
printers (Print & Fax) this pushes down the print and fax drivers
respectively (two separate drivers).

Using Windows printing rather than the LPR port seemed to help out. This is
still a new area, neither Canon nor EFI support Windows Terminal Server. So
this forum is a great place to try and retry potential solutions. Please feel
free to try and reproduce these findings. Since we only did it at this once
site I cannot guarantee them in any\all Windows Terminal Server environments.
I would love to hear feed back so we can establish definite installation
procedures. Maybe we can add it to the ISPGP.NET site.

Vince McHugh
Systems Support Manager

Here is a Terminal Server/Citrix work around send by Denis Beausejour or OE Belleville.  Thanks Denis, cool idea.


Here's what I've been trying out in 2 Terminal Server/Citrix environments

I know that Citrix has bulletins/hot fixes for printing problems but I still think this is worth while noting.

The terminal server's prime goal is to host client sessions. Because of the nature of the canon drivers, I tend not to use the terminal Server/Citrix server as a print server.

Instead  I load the Canon drivers on a separate print server (file/apps server), configure and share them. I then use the Citrix print functionality to publish the printers or create the printers manually in each client session.

Disadvantage: Because the printers are hosted on another server and shared, the printer configurations may have to be inputted manually.

Advantage: The spooling is hosted on another server, as opposed to being hosted by separate client sessions on the Terminal/Citrix server.

So far so good... The Citrix server has not hung when printing and things are looking better.

Let me know what you think...

Denis Beausejour, CNE MSCE
OE Belleville

Canon's Thing

The PCL Common Core Drivers (CCD) can support the Terminal Server environment

EFI's Driver are not guaranteed

PCL5e Drivers for NT4 can be used on NT4 Terminal Server Edition with sp6+.

Fax Driver - Need to set temp variable

PostScript driver - Printing ok.  No faxing or mailbox printing.

How do I set the temp variable?
Right click on "My Computer", choose "Properties"
Click on the "Environment" tab
Two sets of variables are displayed here.  System Variables and User Variables for Administrator.
Scroll down to the bottom of the list of System Variables.  Click on the last variable in the list.  Then click on the white space directly underneath the last variable.  This allows you to add a system variable.
At the bottom of the window there is an area to add the new variable and value.
under Variable: type "TEMP" without the quotes.
under Value: type "%SystemDrive%\TEMP" without the quotes and no spaces.
click the set bottom and verify the TEMP variable was added to the System variables.  Click "ok"
Make sure the directory exists.
You are done.

Here is a Citix  PDF called "Steps Required to Ensure that Client Printers Autocreate Within ICA Sessions"
Citrix Document ID: CTX681954

Here is a link to the Citrix Knowledge Base Search Engine

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