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Updated Oct 22 2002

Setting up a NT 3.51 server
to print to a Canon network printer using TCP/IP

I no longer have a NT 3.51 server so I can not verify this information is correct.
This is from memory so if you find any errors please contact me. Thank you

1. Make sure Microsoft TCP/IP Printing Services is loaded

in control panel `network' under `installed network software' check for or add:
microsoft TCP/IP printing
simple TCP/IP services
TCP/IP Protocol

2. Add Printer driver (?must be installed from floppy?)

In control panel `printers' click on `printer menu' then `create printer'

Under `printer name' input what you want to call it. This shows up in `control panel' `printers'

Under `driver' select `other'. Install your floppy disk and when the dialog box pops up asking for disk in drive a click ok

Select the printer your installing and click ok.

It's going to ask for the path to the distribution files, enter A:\ and click continue

Now back at create printer window type in description to help users identify the printer.

Under Print to select other, then LPR port, click ok

Under name or address type the IP address of printer
Under name of printer or queue name enter the queue to use. Click ok Example print_200-216

Share printer - enter shared name and location click ok

The printer properties box should show up. Configure it to reflect your setup. Click ok

Your done, Pat yourself on the back

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If you find an error or wish to comment please let me know.