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Updated Oct 22 2002

ColorPASS Z series
Configuration on a Windows NT domain.

By default when you configure a ColorPASS Z series on a domain environment, The ColorPASS will try to join the domain.
Iin order to join the domain a computer account must be added on the PDC.
Since this option is not available on the ColorPASS display, the computer account must be added to the domain manually.
This is required in order to use Windows printing on a domain environment.

Follow this procedure from the NT4 Primary Domain Controller:

1.  Logon to Windows NT server using the administrator user account
2.  Click on Start, programs, Administrative tools, Server Manager for Domains.


3.  Click on Computer and select Add to Domain, The following screen will appear:


4.  Under Computer name type the name of the ColorPASS you want to add to the Domain.
5.  Click on Add, Windows printing will work.

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