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Updated Oct 22 2002

Installing NT 4 PS drivers onto Windows 2000
Applies at least to a PS-XJ 5000 ver 3.22

This page was created from information sent to us from Chris Hart,  (thanks Chris).

It outlines installation problems and resolutions when installing a PS-XJ 5000 ver 3.22 NT 4 postscript driver onto a Windows 2000 machine.
Hopefully it outlines a solution for many other Postscript installation issues in Windows 2000

When installing the (PS-XJ 5000) PS drivers for NT into 2000 the printer wizard asks for PSCRIPT.DLL and PSCRPTUI.DLL which are not available on the 2000 CD.

Editing the NTPRINT.INF file to accept 2000s new postscript files.  Navigate to the WIN_NT4X directory on your user CD that contains the printer installation files.

Copy this directory onto your hard drive.

Open the WIN_NT4X folder and use the right mouse button to click on the NTPRINT.INF file. Select properties and remove the ?Read Only? attribute. Click OK

Double click on the NTPRINT.INF file, it should open as a text file, scroll about two thirds of the way down the file to the [PSCRIPT] section it should look like this :-

; Data Sections
; These sections contain data that is shared between devices.

These lines need to be edited, references to PSCRIPT.DLL need to be changed to PSCRIPT5.DLL and references to PSCRPTUI.DLL need to be changed to PS5UI.DLL.

This file should then be saved and closed.

You are now ready to create the printer port and install the printer driver

Refer to here for a Windows 2000 driver installation help page.  Please don't forget to ensure you read below as well.

You will eventually deal with the familiar Add Printer Wizard where printer files are required, at this point select HAVE DISK and then click on BROWSE to direct it to the NTPRINT.INF file that was edited earlier.

This will now carry on as the normal NT printer wizard would, any calls for PS5UI.DLL or PSCRIPT5.DLL should be directed to your Win2000 CD in the directory :-


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If you find an error or wish to comment please let me know.