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Last updated May 21 2004
Configuring your SMTP server to allow a single host to relay.

FreeBSD 4.7 and sendmail
Microsoft Exchange 2000 on Windows 2000
Lotus Domino 5.0.1 on Windows 2000
Microsoft Exchange 5.5 on Windows NT4
Windows based SMTP Server Applications

Many of the new Canon copiers come with an option to "send" the document in the feeder to an email address or I-Fax with T.37 specifications.  This is achived by sending the scanned image as an attachment on an email.  You must configure the copier to use your companies SMTP server to send these emails.  If you are only emailing to accounts on your SMTP server, you should have no problems.  However, if you wish to email to someone who's account is not on your SMTP server, your SMTP server must allow relay.

For security and spammer reasons most companies do not allow an open relay.  In the old days...  open relays used to be very common and some sites still run an open relay on principle.  Sorry I got off topic there for a second.  Anyway, there is no way for the current Canon copiers to authenticate to your SMPT server and most sys admins won't let you run an open relay and that is what prompted this document.  Configuring your SMTP server to allow a single host to relay.  

There are many SMPT servers on many platforms.  This document contains the ones I have tried.  If you know how to do this on one not mentioned, please send it to me at to add to this page.  Thanks eh.

FreeBSD 4.7 and sendmail
Like with any UNIX you can run any SMTP server.  FreeBSD comes with sendmail preinstalled.  Assuming you are using the preinstalled sendmail, to allow a single IP address to relay, do the following (as root).

    # cd /etc/mail

in a text editor, open access (maybe a new file)
    # vi access

insert the following    RELAY
Replace with the IP address of your copier.  The word "RELAY" is in uppercase.  Now save and exit.

to up date the configuration run "make" from the /etc/mail directory.
    # make

All done, give it a test.


Microsoft Exchange 2000 on Windows 2000 (Thanks Luis Oliveros)

Update:  Nick from the digitalissues forum sent us this link for 5.5 and 2000.  very useful.

Login as administerator.
click on
start > programs > Microsoft Exchange >  System Manager

Click to expand the tree under
Servers > choose your server > protocols > SMTP

Right click on "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and select properties.

Click the "Access" Tab

Click the "Relay" button

Click the "Add" button

Input the IP address of the Copier

click "OK" x3

All done, give it a test.

Lotus Domino 5.0.1 on Windows 2000

There are many settings for Domino.  This document is based on a fresh default installation.  YMMV.

This section assumes you have SMTP and SMTP Routing enabled.  There are three things you need to check from Lotus Domino Administrator to make sure you are setup to do this.
    Open Lotus Domino Administrator (must have password)
    Close the welcome screen
    Make sure you are connected to the server you want to be providing SMTP
    Click on the Configuration tab
    Expand The Server menu
    Click on Current Server Document
    Under Routing tasks, check for SMTP Mail Routing
    and SMTP listener task should be enabled.
If either of these is not there or disabled your server isn't using SMTP.  See the administrator about enabling these services.

We are not done yet, now
    Expand the Messaging menu
    Click on Configurations
    Double click on the server you want to be providing SMTP (to view setting instead of edit settings)
    Click to the Router/SMPT tab
    Under the Basic tab, "SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain: enabled"
If this is disabled you won't be able to route the SMTP to the internet.

If all these services are enabled we can continue.

By default Domino is an open relay, meaning anyone can relay without authenticating to the server.  However many administrators will close the relay for the reasons explained above.  Below we will look at the setting for the relay and  open the relay for a single host.

We need to check the security setting.  Assuming you are still at the screen above in the Lotus Domino Administrator (if not follow the directions above to get there)
    Click on the "Restrictions and Controls" tab
    Click on the "SMTP Inbound Controls"
    Under "Allow messages only from the following external internet hosts to be sent to external internet domains:"  add the IP address of the Canon device you are using for send functions in square brackets.  Example []

Now only that host can relay.

There are many other setting which could cause problems.  Too many to go in to here but your Domino administrator should be able to help you out.  One That I am aware of is if you force authentication for SMTP, since there is no way for Canon machines to do this.  To check it do the following.

    Open Domino Adminitrator
    Click on the Configuartion tab
    Expand the Server menu and select Current Server Document
    Click on the ports sub menu tab
    Click on the Internet ports sub sub menu tab
    Click on the Mail sub sub sub menu tab

    Under the Authentication options: for Mail (SMTP Inbound)
    Name & password should be No
    Anonymous should be Yes

That's it.  If you have any hints, tips, or corrections please email me at

Microsoft Exchange 5.5 on Windows NT4 (Thanks Kevin Potvin)

There was a thread on cslist2 where after the settings where made, relay still didn't happen.  Changing the mask to fixed it.

Kevin Potvin has sent us this MS Word document.  (zipped 95k)

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

Windows based SMTP Server Applications

As a temporary or perhaps permanent SMTP relay solution, you may want to install a SMTP server application on a Windows Box

With a little research, we found some free applications.

The first is Free SMTP Server
This small application can be used as a completely open SMTP relay
There is very little configuration required.

If you want alot more features and security, why not try Procast Server
The Procast Server Free Edition is loaded with features
It also includes settings to accept email only from specific IP's

Procast Server Installation and configuration for a single IP relay
Select a Windows box
Ensure the machine has internet access
Install Procast Server
After installing, launch the application
The setup wizard will ask you who to allow incomming connections from
The local IP address and loopback is set by default
No IP address's means accept all connections (open relay)
If you want to allow only one machine (Perhaps only 1 iR product) , remove all IP's except the iR's IP
The rest of the configuration is simple
Now simply point your iR's SMTP server settings to the IP address of the Windows box providing the Procast Server application
Bada bing bada boom, you are done
Be nice now, don't spam :-)