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Updated Oct 22 2002

The Auto RX paramaters page

This page was created to answer those Auto RX specs we always seem to forget.

Here are two images outlining the current Auto RX specifications.
Although this information comes from the Laser Class product, the IR 400 and perhaps other more recent models have these same values.

Click on the images to make them bigger

Here are the names and associated default values

Parameter Name                        Default Value
01:   CI ON time                           15
02:  CI Long On time                    60
03:  CI Off time                            10
04:  CI Long Off Time                  120
05:  CI Max Off time                    1100
06:  CI Wait Time                         0
07:  CI Number                            2
08:  CI Frequency (lower Limit)    10
09:  CI Frequency (upper limit)

The default values are to be multiplied by 10ms.

What do all these values mean?

01: CI On time
This setting can be thought of as a filter.  An on time smaller than this value is rejected as noise
In this case, anything greater than 150ms is considered valid

02: CI Long On time
This value is used to determine if a valid on time is considered as a Short on or a Long on
The signal must first pass the value in 01:
If the signal is shorter than 600ms this is a Short on.  Otherwise it is a Long on.

03: CI OFF time
This value is similar to 01:  Any off time shorter than this value is rejected as noise.
Any signal smaller than the default value of 100ms is rejected

04: CI Long Off time
This value is used to determine is the valid off time is considered Short off or Long off.
The signal must pass the setting in 03:
Any off time less than 1200ms (1.2s) is considered a Short off.  Otherwise it is a long off

A Short off is considered a interrupt off
A Long off is considered to complete one cycle

05: CI MAX off time
An off time greater than 11000ms (11s) is considered a hang up

06: CI wait time
This one is self explained.
Basically it is a timer that must be finish before automatic response is made.

07: CI Number
Basically the number of Rings

08: CI Frequency (Lower Limit)

09: CI Frequency (Upper limit)

Remember!!  Each change to the Auto RX parameters require a reboot

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