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Updated Oct 22 2002

PSXJ/ColorPass Token Ring Setup

This page was sent to us by Ian Wickenden, Thanks Ian.

The PSXJ/ColorPass' Fiery RIP's support Token Ring from v2.0 System software onwards. However, it's not until v3.2 and above that support is included for Token Ring over TCP/IP.

The information below is in the PSXJ/ColorPass Administrator Guide, but I've recreated it below for ease of reference.

In the Fiery's setup, under Network Setup/Port Setup, go to Token Ring Setup.

Enable Token Ring

Yes/No [No]

Select Yes if the PS-XJ is to be connected to a Token Ring Network

Maximum Frame Size (bytes)

4202/2154/1130/632 [4202]

Select the maximum frame size recommended by the Network Administrator at your site. If you are uncertain of the setting to use, select the default value of 4202.

Enable Source Routing

Yes/No [Yes]

Select Yes if your network supports source routing.

Source Routing Request All Route

Yes/No [Yes]

This option appears only if you enabled Source Routing. Select Yes if you want the Request packet to travel to its destination by all routes.

Source Routing Respond All Route

Yes/No [No]

This option only appears if you answered No to the previous option. Select Yes if you want the Response packet to return by all routes to the originating computer.

Under Network Setup/Protocol Setup/TCP/IP Setup

Enable TCP/IP for Token Ring

Yes/No [No]

Select Yes if you have a TCP/IP network connected to your Fiery RIP over Token Ring. If you use Token Ring, enabling TCP/IP for Token Ring is required for enabling the Fiery WebTools.

Note: If you are using TCP/IP for printing from Windows NT workstations, enabling TCP/IP here also enables you to use the Fiery utilities from Windows NT workstations using TCP/IP protocols. At the same time, enabling TCP/IP enables the network layer that lets you use Fiery utilities from Windows ?95 computers using IPX/SPX protocols.

For protocols other than IPX/SPX, the frame type is automatically enabled and does not require setup. For reference TCPIP over Token Ring uses Token Ring SNAP.

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