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Updated Oct 22 2002

Why do I want to format the harddrive on my imageRUNNER?

We are collecting issues that where corrected by formatting the harddrive. These are real world examples.
Please email me with any you have done to share with everyone else. Thanks eh.

To: Rick Preston
Subject: Not printing on iR5000(non 'D')

Hi Rick,

Here is the account of what happened on that iR5000(non 'D') I talked to you over the phone on Tuesday Jan. 22.

The problem started on Monday, the customer was printing and every thing was going ok and then after a PowerPoint print the machine would not do any more printing. But scanning worked fine and even the RUI was functional. I was able to ping the machine and print to the parallel port. I was also able to update the system software but I could not print using LPR. I formatted the boot partition on the HD using the download mode then reinstalled the system. That did not work either. Then I turned off the spool option in the network configuration of the machine and then the printer started working again. So now in service mode download mode, I formatted the 3 partitions that were there and then everything worked with spool turned on also. So I guess it looks like one of those 3 partitions is the spool partition and there was some junk or something in there preventing spooling of print jobs.

This was a strange problem and I thought you guys might like to know about it.

Have a Great day!
Robert Leimer
Systems Support Specialist
CISC Vancouver

[This is great Rob, Thanks]

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