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Updated Oct 22 2002

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I forgot the password to my mailbox and/or System Manager ID

In order to reset the mailbox password you must login to the copier as the system manager.

1. The system manager has a password but I forgot what it was.
2. The system manager has not been setup yet.
3. I have the system manager ID and password.
4. I'm logged in to the copier, how do I clear the mailbox password?

1. I forgot my system manager password. How can I reset it?

You need to go in to the copiers service mode. This should only be done by the service technician. They know how to do it and I will not tell you how to do this. (don't hate me)
once you are in service mode press:
copier > function > clear > arrow to screen 2 > PWD-CLR > ok > reset > reset.

Cool! The system password is cleared.

2. How do I setup the system manager ID and password.

This is a tiny bit different from model to model. all the info is the same but how it is displayed is different.
I'll let you know where the differences are. first press:
additional Functions > system settings > system manager settings > [display differences begin] input a system manager ID and password. These are numerical only.
The other settings here are optional, input if you want. on some models you have to arrow to a different screen for the other options and the "OK"
press OK you should now be back to the standby display.

3. I have the system manager ID and password, how do I login to the machine?

To login to the copier press:
additional functions > system settings > enter ID and password > [ID] (not on touch screen)
the Bottom of the display should now read "ID System Management mode"
you are logged in. To log out press the [ID] button again.

4. Yahoo! I'm login to the copier. Now how do I clear/change the mail box password?

Starting from the default screen (just in case you are not there), make sure it says "ID System Management mode" in the bottom of the display and press :
additional functions > mailbox settings > box set/store > select the box number > the password now shows in the display, change it or use it and press OK. > repeat as needed.

Don't for get to log out of the copier. Press the [ID] button and "ID System Management mode" will disappear from the bottom of the display.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

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