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Updated Jan 10 2002

Light Print Jobs

Updated Jan 10, 2003
From: Hans Robert Lønningdal

As other members have pointed out - If you don't change any parameters the print quality is fine. I have pin pointed this down to changes in the Copy Setup. If you leave this menu alone - don't open it at all and you can walk happy from customer.

It seems like when this bug accour you can get around it by resetting the printserver.


Updated Dec 3, 2001

An issue cropped up with the iR330/400 series with the multi-PDL-H1.  After setting it up, you may see that the black areas on the test page are gray with a diagonal pattern in them. I have found through experience that if you DONT CHANGE ANYTHING on initial setup, then you won't get the light prints issue. In other words, if you just go through the Server, Network and printer setups (In that order), accepting the factory defaults without changing any settings. Exit the setups and save changes. Print the PS and PCL test pages. Prints should be just fine!  Charles.
--end update--

Original Document

Hi eh, I have stolen this from cslist and because of the comments in the reply I thought I would share it with you.  Well not you, but the person sitting behind you  :-P
The names of the authors have been withheld to protect the innocent.  (Don't tell anyone but the reply was from Charles Kelly)

Date:    05/12/2000
Subject: [cslist] LIGHT PRINT JOBS


I've just done an install of an IR330 and found that anything related to the printer is coming out extremely light.  The system software is version 2.0, and the dc and ip versions are good. Anything printed off the glass or PG test prints come out fine, but printer test, config pages, and print jobs come out extremely light. If anyone else has seen this or has a solution please let me know.


Subject: Re: [cslist] LIGHT PRINT JOBS

This has been discussed and probably should be a FAQ.

Try the following:
Print a config page FIRST.
Reboot the copier and go to setup
Choose "Factory defaults"
Re-enter the appropriate setup info from the config page.
Save settings and do test prints (both PCL and PS) You may see a difference
between the two PJL's
Try turning "toner reduction" on, and save settings.
Test prints will be light.
Go back into setup and turn "toner reduction" OFF, and save settings.
If printing is still light, you may need to re-install system 2.0
Print test pages
Choose "Factory defaults"
Re-enter the appropriate setup info from the config page.
If printing is still light, you will have to replace the printer board.

Good luck.

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