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Updated March 05 2004

The Job Log Page

1. Exporting the Job log on a Canon Controller

2. Deleting the Job Log on a Canon Controller

Exporting the Job log on a Canon Controller
This information comes from Robert Wehdorn of Canon .at (rockin solution)

To start you will need to have the RUI enabled and a spreadsheet application.

Open the RUI. http://my.printer.local
On the left navigation bar, select "Job Status"
At the top right of the new window, click on "log"
At the top left of the next window, select the log type.

Highlight the log information. Everyone has there own way, however one of the quicker ways is to click on the frame to make it the active frame. Then press and hold "ctrl" and press "a".
Now copy this highlighted information to the clip board. Again there are different ways to do this. Why not try "ctrl"+"c".
Once you have the information in the clip board, open your spreadsheet application. For this test I used MS Excel 97.
From the menu click on "Edit" and select PasteSpecial....
Choose HTML format and click on "OK"

While the data is still highlight in the spreadsheet click on format and select Autoformat, simple, ok
I found I had to widen column C "Job Name" and column D "user" then do another autoformat.
now it looks great and you can do what ever you want.
Hope this helps and keep having way too much fun

Deleting the Job Log on a Canon Controller
This information applies to Canon controller ranging from the iR2220 through iR105
We have not tested it on all controller variants so your millage may vary (YMMV)
Here is a step by step
1.  Service mode
2.  Copier, Function, System
3.  Set CHK-TYPE to 2 (selects partition 2)
4.  Select HD-CLEAR
5.  Reboot

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