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Updated Oct 22 2002

iR-550/600 Hardware Page

Latest Software Versions

Mechanical Issues

Electrical Issues


Frequently asked Questions

Latest Software Versions:
Software Versions
DC-CON 02.01
IP 33.01
Feeder 06.01
PS/PCL 02.10
MFC 33.03
SDL-STCH 02.04

Mechanical Issues:

1) Jamming code 010A, the jam code occurs only on letter size paper. If letter-R, legal, ledger paper are used, there is no problem.
    - there is an air flow problem with the machine and the transport fan is beginning to seize.
    - replace the transport fan (FM-7).

2) Jamming on double sided copying only (any size paper). Single sided copy jobs are fine.
    - there is a  problem with  the timing in the main drive assembly.
    - replace the main drive assembly.
    - this problem occurs around the 3 million copy mark of the machine.

3) Second side miss registration by 2 mm or more.
    - Apply tape to the stop plate of the registration brake clutch (CL3) and the registration clutch (CL2). This will eliminate the gap between the forks on the
      clutches  and the stop plates, minimizing backlash.
    - Initialize ram on the IP pcb and reset the door specifications manually.
Upon resetting the door specs if may be necessary to perform the x-y adjustment as well as the registration adjustments beginning off the copy board glass with your paper sources.
If the above fails, it may be necessary to replace the Image Processor PCB.

4) Noise from Cassette's #3 & #4
    - Noise coming from the Left Paper Drive Assembly.
    - Worn down shafts on the assembly
    - Replace the Left Pick-Up Drive Assembly (FG6-1996-000)
    - Noise appears around the 3 million copy mark.

Electrical Issues:

1) "Power Board Diag. Fail " message. This message appears on the  machine in print mode. Copy mode working fine.
    -Machine cannot be  seen on the network, also displaying "Power Board Diag. Fail" message if print features are being used.
    -Format hard drive and reload system software.
    - if the problem persists,  Replace the printer board.

2)  E-410 error codes. Intermittent problem.
     -The P/U rollers will drop and noise will be heard from the ADF pick up motor.
     -Wiring harness problem.
    - Connector J-141 (9 pin connector) to connectors J-147 (3 pin), J-146 (3 Pin), J-148(3 Pin) is loose or broken.
    - Remove tie wraps from this wire harness
    - Repair wire harness or replace the wire harness cable, Part number FG2-9384-000

3) E-532 error codes. Intermittent problem
    - Check the wiring from J-119 through MSW9, MSW2 and MSW8 to the Fuse PCB board.
    - This wiring harness may cause a problem if one of the wires are broken.
    - Repair the wiring harness.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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