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Updated Oct 22 2002

iR-330/400 Hardware Page

Latest Software Versions

Mechanical Issues

Electrical Issues


Frequently asked Questions

Latest Software Versions:

DC-Con                    24.02
IP                              47.04
Feeder                      07.02
Sorter                        -- --
PS/PCL                     02.00
SCSI                         -- --
SDL-STCH              -- --

Mechanical Issues:

1) Copies are being wrinkled or the copies are coming out wavy on Legal, Letter-R or Ledger Paper.
    - Replace the Internal delivery roller (FB4-2901-000) and Replace the external delivery roller (FB4-2902-000).
    -This problem occurs around the 200K to 250K copies on the machine because the exit rollers are worn out.

2) Trail Edge of the a Letter Size Copy is Compressed.Only Letter size paper is effected.
    - On Page104-1, Item number 25 of the iR-330/400 part catalog.
    - Magnetic plate above the registration roller gets bent out of shape.
    - Reform plate or Replace plate (FF5-7003-000)

../../images/ir330_400_plate.jpgClick the image to make it larger

Electrical Issues:

1) Copy run interrupted by fax job. Copier set to copier priority. During a long copy run job is interrupted and a portion of a fax job that is being received is printed. Then copy run job is continued. This cycle repeats during the copy run.
- this occurs when there is not enough memory on the IP board
- the fax job is clearing memory space so the copy run can continue.

2) E-805 code. This error code causes a 5V fuse to blow on the DC Controller.
    -check for pinched wires from FM-12 (Reader Cooling Fan #1) to the DC Controller.
    - if problem continues,  replace FM-12 (Reader Cooling Fan #1).
    -Part Number  FH6-1481-000

3) A new Fax board-D1 is installed into a machine. Please do the following to prevent problems in the future.
    - do the "all clear" in the fax service mode, this will clear all the settings that were set in the factory after testing.
    - there has been many reports were tech's forget to perform this and then have to clear  the fax and then reinstall all the user numbers and names back
     into the fax. It is easier to and less time consuming to do the all clear at the beginning of an installation then it is if the customer programs lots and lots of
     numbers into there fax board and then develops problems!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can the fax-D1 on the iR-400 fax an 11x17 to another machine and print on an 11x17 paper?
    - the answer is "Yes" provided that the receiving fax is set up to receive 11x17 faxes in the Additional Functions >Custom Fax Settings > Printer Settings.

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