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Updated Oct 22 2002

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Latest Software Versions:

Mechanical Issues:

Electrical Issues:

 DADF-A1/DADF-B1( On iR-330/400)

1) Jamming on second sided copies only, jam code 0011
    - Do the "Adjustment on the original width detecting volume (VR1)"
    - Do the "Adjusting the level of the, Original tray paper sensor (S1) / Registration Sensor (S3)"
    - If problem still persists then replace the DADF-A1 controller.

2) DADF-A1/B1 will not select A4 paper size when A4 paper is put in the feeder and an A4 size cassette is set up!
    -In Service Mode Enter > options > body> Model-SZ and enter "3" to change the settings to Ab/inch.

Finisher C1/C2

1) Error codes E-584
    - This code is from a failure of a cam/lever FB3-7298-000.
    - This code has also come up on the Finisher F1/F2.

2) Jam code 0012 on Finisher C1 using print mode or  11x17 paper only.
    - Adjust the Printing output from Tray A to Tray B. If this doesn't work then.........
    - Adjust the Printing output From Tray B to Tray A.
    Not sure why it works in this order YET!

Finisher F1/F2

1) E505-0001 Codes
    - The value is not stored properly on the finisher controller EPROM.
    -  Redo the "The Tray Height Adjustment"

Staple/Sorter M1 (on iR-210)

1) Can the iR-210 with staple/sorter M1 be used to "job build" in the sorter?
   - The answer is "YES" provided that staple/sort is not selected.
   - If the staple/sort is selected then the machine instructs the user to remove sheet from the sorter unit.
   - If job building is needed then make sure to manually select the stapling option upon the completion of the job.

2) Jamming at the staple sorter delivery roller and causing jam codes 0004 or 0005.
    - The gear on the delivery roller shaft (4F1-0931-000)is slipping.
    - Apply glue on the delivery roller gear or replace the delivery roller shaft.

Finisher K1/K2 SaddleFinisher K3/K4(On iR8500)
1)    When installing Sheet Insertion Unit B1 on either of these finishers it is necessary to go into service mode and toggle the Inserter to do insertions as well as make covers.  Cover Only mode is the default setting.  To resolve this problem, first enter Service Mode.  Then locate COPIER>OPTION>USER>INS-C/S, then toggle this switch to "1".  This changes the way the machine regards the Insertion Unit.  See page S-94 of the iR8500 SERVICE MANUAL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can the Finishers on the iR-8500 and iR-3300 offset output jobs if running more then one separate original jobs off the glass or feeder?
     - The answer is "NO" , the finisher cannot offset separate jobs off the glass or feeder.

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