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Updated Oct 22 2002

The Multi Tray Selection Page


1.  What is Multitray selection?

Wordperfect, Word and other Apps have options to enable tray selection thoughout a print job.

With this option, a print job can selectively pick from any cassette.



2.  Does it work with my Canon printer?

It is possible to use this feature with some of our products in some of the Apps.



3.  Which Printers have we tried it on?

We have done limited testing with our current EFI controller based GP and IR products.

These tests were done with LTR in all cassettes.

We are really testing whether the right code is sent to the printer.



4.  How do you set it up in the Application?


Application Procedure

Word 97 and 2000

File, Page Setup, Paper source.

Wordperfect 7, 8 or 9

File, Page Setup, X, New.  Enter a page description name and cassette source.

X is Size in WP7.  I'll get WP8 and WP9 later


5.  What is the conclusion?

Specific tests have to be made to the customers environment to confidently say "Yes, it works!!!"
Here are our simple LTR only test results


Application and Version Did our limited testing work? Description

Wordperfect 7


Currently, Cassettes 1-3 only.

Wordperfect 8



Wordperfect 9



Word 97 SR2



Word 2000




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