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Updated Oct 22 2002

I would like to thank Chris Cullen of PBE/CISC in western Canada for his help in narrowing down this problem.

Install Crashing

I'm trying to install (insert program name here) and it always crashes during the installation.

This could be caused by various things. One of the more common solutions is documented below.

We have received a small number of calls from tech's that can't install the printer driver (exe version) or Network ScanGear.
During the installation an error message pops up and the installation is terminated.
This is a known issue with the InstallShield's ikernel.exe becoming corrupt.

The following information is an excerpt from InstallShield's support site.

Document ID: Q104985

I am getting one of the following errors during setup initialization:

Error extracting support files
Error installing Ikernel.exe (0x any number)
Error loading Type Library/DLL

5. Delete the "Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Engine" folder and then rerun the setup.


*1 and the list goes on but you get the idea

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