Updated Dec. 11 2002

Who are you guys and why are you doing this?

Rick Preston

Rick and I 1  Rick and Steve

When I first got on the Internet (summer 1995) I learned a lot about it by reading what others had posted for free.
(Thanks to Patrick Douglas Crispen and the roadmap http://www.netsquirrel.com/roadmap96/index.html )
I've always wanted to do something similar to give back to the community.
Of course this site was a complete accident, but I don't mind taking credit for it since I know a little about printing.
My name is Rick Preston.  My card says that I am a System Support Specialist, Imaging Systems Group Systems and Technical Support Division.
What exactly that means ... Phone Boy :-p
I work for Canon Canada Inc. where I have been since 1987.
In December 1998 I posted my personal notes to my personal web site so that when I was in the field I would have access to my notes.
Well it got out of hand.

Personal notes:

I started painting at the beginning of 2000 and posted the results here:
Technical notes.  These are for me to remember stuff I don't use all the time and probably won't mean anything to you.

Steve Quinn


My father was my inspiration towards becoming a techno geek. 
I got interested in computers after he built his Heathkit H8 many moons ago.
After farting around with useless University courses for two years, I decided to become an highly knowledgable and severly under appreciated techno geek.
I drank lots of java (the bean not the language) and studied real hard to get my CET from RCC in 1990
I started at Canon in 1990 as a fax PCB repair dude.  Soon after that I was a fax trainer.
Back then, the copier people laughed at the fax people because they felt the faxes were easy to fix.
Interestingly, the fax people were the first connected people and soon became the smart computer geeks.
Look who's laughing now.  The geeks shall inherit the Earth
I got to know Ricky when he was a dealer tech.
He liked me because like him, I use my brain
I was happy when Ricky moved to Canon
I got tired of repeating the same technical information over the phone so with Ricks permission I posted the information on his site
Like Rick says it got out of hand
I spend my spare time hiking, playing guitar and learning any non-M$ OS

Richard Kilmartin

Richard Killmartin

 My name is Richard Kilmartin and I have been playing with copiers since leaving schools in 1987, and up to a couple of years ago was trained on most of the kit.
My card says that I am the Service Manager at Ben Johnson Office Solutions in the UK.
For the last couple of years I have concentrated on mostly MSCE stuff which keeps me away from copiers (what a shame!)
I tend to dabble a bit with web stuff when I get chance.

Tony Machado


A great big THANKS goes to Tony Machado who, during the summer of 2001, joined Steve and I as a primary contributor.
Tony Has been a hardware technician at Canon since 1987.
His card is pretty close to ours but his says Product Support Specialist.  That means hardware.
Tony has taken over the black and white hardware section of this site.
It's great to see the site grow in usefulness.

If you use these pages, please send us a document you think other people who use this site might find helpful.  We can post it to continue to build the usefulness of this site.

Here is a list of other contributors.


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